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Workers’ Compensation Resource List

Blood-Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan — blood-borne-pathogen-exposure-control-plan

Workers Compensation – authorization form for medical treatment

Workers Compensation – Instructions for Injured Employee — Addresses “What do I do if I have a work-related injury or illness?” and other questions.

Workers Compensation – Supervisor’s Instructions — Addresses assisting the injured employee and the investigation report.

Workers Compensation: Employee’s Work Injury Report — This report must be submitted to Melissa Vogts within 48 hours of your work-related injury. (revised 28Sept10)

Workers Compensation: Supervisor’s Investigation Report — Request your supervisor to complete the “Supervisor’s Investigation Report” and submit to Melissa Vogts within 48 hours of your work related injury. (revised 28Sept10)



Resign / Retirement Benefits Worksheets

The district’s early retirement incentive is a benefit to help licensed professional staff and classified employees between age 60 and 65 cover the gap in income before they are eligible for Social Security benefits and Medicare. The benefit was created to help cover the cost of medical insurance during this time period; however, the benefit can be used for any purpose the employee chooses.

Learn more about the early retirement benefit

These EXCEL forms help employees estimate their USD 253 Early Retirement and/or Employer Paid Deferred Benefit options. This tool allows employees to enter information into the highlighted cells to estimate benefits.

Early Retirement Benefits Calculator

Including worksheets for:

  • Administrative Staff
  • Classified Staff (for employees with at least 15 years of service)
  • Licensed Profession Employees
  • Employer Paid Deferred Benefits Calculator for Certified Staff upon Resignation
  • Application for Phase-Out Option for Early Retirement or Resignation – Employer Paid Deferred Benefit

* Microsoft Office 2007 version of EXCEL (already installed on our staff computers is required in order to use these spreadsheets.

For questions about these forms or early retirement you may contact:

Payroll Email Account, district payroll clerks and KPERS representative




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