Technology Services

Requesting help with your technology & Submitting a work order

Work orders can now be started by emailing Please describe your issue and include your building and room number. That is all that is necessary to start a new work order.

Once the work order has been placed you will receive status updates as well as any follow up questions through your email. You will stay up to date with the status of your request until the order is closed.

We are excited about the increased ability to provide the staff at USD253 better service. Please feel free to call or email the help desk with any questions.


Electronic Device Check-Out

For use by librarian aides, etc. when receiving or checking out Chromebooks

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Director of IT Operations: Paul Beadles
Database Engineer: Fred Gerbig
IT Specialists:
Dwight Russell
Nate Barrett
Shari Good

Technology Support:
Alex Johnston
Darren Rose
Kevin Kater
Kolleen Peterson
Shawn Hale
Sherri Hayes
Stephanie Murray
Yoshira Nunez

Technology Department

Mary Herbert Education Center Rm 108
1700 W 7th Ave.
Emporia, KS 66801
Help Desk: 620-341-2244


How To:

Set up 2 step verification for Gmail

Add a printer on a Windows computer – Windows key+R then type in \\server name for your building (ask building tech what server name you should use, example EHS is \\ehsprint) and hit enter. You will see printers listed by room number. Double click on the printer that you would like to add. 

Enter a code for printing to the Savin copier

Set up a voicemail account

How to scan a document to email on a Savin copier

Log into school Gmail, Google Chrome, and Google Drive – staff log in with for the username and your password.

Log into a Windows laptop/desktop – Log in with first.lastname (joe.smith) as the username and your password. Note: some staff that have been with the district for a long time use the first letter of their first name and a maximum of  7 letters from the last name. (jsmith)

Log into a Chromebook – Students log in with and their password. Staff log in with and their password.

Have questions on how to use Google Chromebooks, Classroom, Drive, and other Google Tools? Visit the Google for Education Training Center for training lessons.

Request Forms

Video/ Photography Services Request – Professional work requires preparation and the right equipment. Use of this form will help you give us the information we need to do the job right and quickly.

Unblock Internet Site Request – Email 

Request for software evaluation / installation  –  

Open the App Evaluation Form created by Teaching & Learning.


Paul Beadles, IT Operations Director

Paul Beadles, IT Operations Director

Technology Documents

Tech Recommended Device List


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